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SC32F5632(64) series is a high-performance MCU specially developed for motor control and digital power supply. Using ARM Cortex-M0 core and built-in coprocessor can effectively accelerate the motor vector control operation. Multi-channel enhanced PWM is integrated on the chip. The 12-bit precision multi-channel ADC converter and the built-in high-performance operational amplifier can control the current accurately and obtain Superior cost performance. ETIMER can capture the motor hall signal in real time and accurately calculate the rotor position of the motor, which is very suitable for the development of the control system of electric two-wheelers.



The typical topology of the control system of electric two-wheeled vehicle is as follows:


Topological classification product category Typical product model Typical package product description
Gate Driver IC Gate Driver IC SDH21263 SOP-8-225-1.27 225V HIGH VOLTAGE HALF BRIDGE DRIVER
DC-DC Converter DC-DC Converter SD4938 SOP-8-225-1.27 150V CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER
MCU IC MCU IC SC32F5632(64) LQFP-32-7×7-0.8 Cortex-M0 MCU with enhanced PWM and ADC
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SilanPro_User Manual PDF 3072 2020-04-03 SilanPro_User Manual_1.3
SilanPro_Precautions for Use PDF 570 2020-04-03 SilanPro_Precautions for Use_1.0