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Silan launched 1350V RC-IGBT

Recently, the RC-IGBT series products of 1350 V used for household induction cookers were launched by Silan. It’s reported that the monotube IGBT products of 600 V launched by Silan have been widely used in the fields of welding machines and IPM, and  have won unanimous praise in the industry. The series products to be launched include two voltage specifications of 1200 V and 1350 V, covering the circuit specifications from 15A to 30A.

The RC-IGBT series products launched by Silan are based on third-generation Field-Stop III process platform independently developed by Silan, which realizes the integration of a freewheel diode inside the field-stop IGBT device. Based on its own 8-inch chip production line, the R & D and mass production of several key processes have been realized by Silan, so Silan is the only domestic large-scale power semiconductor device manufacturer that fully masters the above core technologies.

The RC-IGBT series of products to be launched by Silan can achieve a rated breakdown voltage of up to 1350V. Meanwhile, in view of the application requirements of increasing the operating frequency of household induction cookers, the Saturation Voltage Drop Vce (sat) of the devices and the forward voltage drop VF of the internal integrated diodes are have been re-optimized to achieve the low loss of devices during switching. It’s worth noting that the following operations have been carried out by device engineers to meet the above requirements: re-optimize the cell structure of IGBT devices and adjust the space between cells in device emission area to increase the concentration of minority carriers in  PIN diode area under the gate when the IGBT device is on and reduce the saturation voltage drop of the devices.

Additionally, the IGBT devices with specific voltage tolerance indicators shall have a specific chip thickness of less than 200 μm. For the magnitude of 100 – 200 μm, if the silicon wafer is thinned like this, it’s very difficult to carry out subsequent processing because of the fragile property, especially for silicon wafer larger than 8 inches. The RC-IGBT launched by Silan was developed with 8-inch ultra-thin wafer processing technology owned by Silan's subsidiary——SLMC, which a chip thickness of <150 μm. During the process development, in order to break through the processing difficulties of ultra-thin wafers, nearly 20 million dollars was invested by Silan to introduce advanced post processing equipments such as Taiko thinning, lithography, high-energy implantation, laser annealing etc. to solve the process difficulties on the back of Taiko ultra-thin wafers including glue-dividing when making a photolithography, photolithography and developing, eventually achieving mass production of 1350V RC-IGBT. The technical advantages of the product can be ensured by Silan’s innovative process development.

In order to respond to the market demands and highlight the characteristics of differentiation, Silan has formulated different strategies according to customers in different market segments, provided terminal manufacturers with one-stop services, and established a long-term customer resource advantage. Silan has understood the market situation in domestic IGBT industry through multi-channel marketing, and has had a clearer understanding of each market segment’s requirements, so it can customize and test the program according to the customers’ requirements, meeting the application requirements of customers for different types of products.

In response to the special quality requirements of IGBT module’s multi-chip assembly, a power module packaging production line was invested by Silan to improve and stabilize the quality as well as controlling the cost, so it has some advantages for the product in terms of price, supply and technical support.

Taking the market segment of induction cooker as an example, Silan’s IGBT products can provide customers with full set of solutions and technical support, enabling customers to launch complete machine products with convenient installation and reliable quality before a competitor. Moreover, we continue to improve the quality and optimize the cost, expand market share and competitive advantage, actively cooperate with the industry leaders, establish information sharing and in-depth cooperation mechanisms, achieve a alliance between giants. In the later period, Silan will continue to make an investment in fields such as commercial induction cookers, electric welding machines, and frequency converters, and gradually advance towards industrial markets aiming at industrial control, automobile, and electronic power etc.

Silan has broken the long-term monopoly of IGBT devices imposed by foreign companies made its products be at the domestic leading level by cultivating market segments and making in-depth exchanges and cooperation with some home appliance manufacturers. After the active cooperation and repeated verification of customers, The IGBT developed by Silan has passed the rigorous testing of customers in many fields and has been put into mass production after active cooperation with our customers and their repeated verification.