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The SA1084 is a positive low voltage dropout regulator, and the voltage dropout is 1.5V at 5A. 

SA1084 provides two versions: fixed and adjustable versions. VOUT of fixed version has a tolerance of less than 1.5% for five kinds of output voltages 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5.0V and 12.0V. 

The SA1084 offers some key features include thermal shutdown and current limiting .The SA1084 is an excellent choice for use in various electronic equipments. 

Main feature
  • 1.5% accuracy in fixed version 1.5V,1.8V,2.5V,3.3V,5.0V,12.0V

  • and adjustable version

  • Low Dropout Voltage: 1.5V at 5A output current

  • Current Limiting: 6.5A

  • Thermal Shutdown

  • Line Regulation(Adj Version: Typical): 0.035%

  • Load Regulation ( Adj Version: Typical): 0.2%

  • Temperature Range: 0 to 125°C

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SA1084D-ADJ TO-252-2L SA1084D-ADJ Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-ADJTR TO-252-2L SA1084D-ADJ Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-1.5 TO-252-2L SA1084D-1.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-1.5TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-1.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-1.8 TO-252-2L SA1084D-1.8 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-1.8TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-1.8 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-2.5 TO-252-2L SA1084D-2.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-2.5TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-2.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-3.3 TO-252-2L SA1084D-3.3 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-3.3TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-3.3 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-5.0 TO-252-2L SA1084D-5.0 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-5.0TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-5.0 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084D-12.0 TO-252-2L SA1084D-12.0 Halogen free Tube
SA1084D-12.0TR TO-252-2L SA1084D-12.0 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-ADJ TO-263-3L SA1084S-ADJ Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-ADJTR TO-263-3L SA1084S-ADJ Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-1.5 TO-263-3L SA1084S-1.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-3.3TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-3.3 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-1.5TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-1.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-1.8 TO-263-3L SA1084S-1.8 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-2.5 TO-263-3L SA1084S-2.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-1.8TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-1.8 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-2.5TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-2.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-3.3 TO-263-3L SA1084S-3.3 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-5.0 TO-263-3L SA1084S-5.0 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-5.0TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-5.0 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S-12.0 TO-263-3L SA1084S-12.0 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S-12.0TR TO-263-3L SA1084S-12.0 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084T-ADJ TO-220-3L SA1084T-ADJ Pb free Tube
SA1084T-1.5 TO-220-3L SA1084T-1.5 Pb free Tube
SA1084T-1.8 TO-220-3L SA1084T-1.8 Pb free Tube
SA1084T-2.5 TO-220-3L SA1084T-2.5 Pb free Tube
SA1084T-12.0 TO-220-3L SA1084T-12.0 Pb free Tube
SA1084T-3.3 TO-220-3L SA1084T-3.3 Pb free Tube
SA1084T-5.0 TO-220-3L SA1084T-5.0 Pb free Tube
SA1084S2-ADJ TO-263-2L SA1084S2-ADJ Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-ADJTR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-ADJ Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S2-1.5 TO-263-2L SA1084S2-1.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-1.5TR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-1.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S2-1.8 TO-263-2L SA1084S2-1.8 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-1.8TR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-1.8 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S2-2.5 TO-263-2L SA1084S2-2.5 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-2.5TR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-2.5 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S2-3.3 TO-263-2L SA1084S2-3.3 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-3.3TR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-3.3 Halogen free Tape & Reel
SA1084S2-5.0 TO-263-2L SA1084S2-5.0 Halogen free Tube
SA1084S2-5.0TR TO-263-2L SA1084S2-5.0 Halogen free Tape & Reel
Block Diagram