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The SDH2136U is a high voltage,high speed gate driver IC, with three independent high side and low side output channels for 3-phase applications. Built-in dead time avoids the cross conduction of both high side and low side power devices, such as N-Channel MOSFETs and IGBTs. Built-in input filter avoids input noise interference. External enable control is available to terminate all six channel outputs simultaneously. Meanwhile, it integrates under-voltage protection and over-current protection functionality, which terminates channels output when under voltage or over current occurs.

Main feature
  • High-side floating supply offset voltage:600V

  • Output current:+0.35A / -0.70A

  • 3.3V / 5V input logic compatible

  • Dead time control

  • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO) for VCC&VBS

  • Overcurrent protection turns off all channels

  • Enable control

  • Outputs out of phase with inputs

  • Three independent half bridge drivers

  • dV/dt immune

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SDH2136U SOP-28-375-1.27 SDH2136U Halogen free Tube
SDH2136UTR SOP-28-375-1.27 SDH2136U Halogen free Tape&Reel
Block Diagram


title Types of Size (KB) date Download the latest English version
SDH2136U Datasheet PDF 320 2020-07-09 SDH2136U Datasheet_1.0