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The SD682X is a single stage primary side regulation (PSR) power factor correction (PFC) controller, built-in high voltage power MOSFET, specially designed for flyback LED driver. 

The Device adopts constant on time operation to achieve high power factor. 

The SD682X provides accurate constant current control and operates in boundary conduction mode (BCM) with high efficiency. The Device adopts primary side regulation eliminating the opto-couple, secondary feedback control and loop compensation for reducing design and cost. 

Constant TON is adopted for high PF; due to patented close-loop control technology pin COMP and peripheral compensation network are unnecessary, and output current will not be affected by moisture or leakage current; thanks to patented THD technology, low THD is obtained without optimized THD network in most applications. 

The SD682X provides completed protections such as short LED protection, open LED protection and over temperature protection, etc.

Main feature
  • PSR flyback topology

  • Boundary Conduction Mode

  • Patented close-loop technology to prevent moisture and leakage, peripheral compensation network is unnecessary

  • Patented THD optimized technology without need of peripheral optimized network

  • Built-in 650V high voltage power MOSFET

  • Leading edge blanking

  • Constant on time controlVC

  • C under voltage lockout

  • Over temperature protection

  • Cycle by cycle current limiting

  • Peak current compensation

  • Short LED protection and Open LED protection

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SD6821S SOP-7-225-1.27 21 Halogen free Tube
SD6821STR SOP-7-225-1.27 21 Halogen free Tape & reel
SD6822S SOP-7-225-1.27 8S Halogen free Tube
SD6822STR SOP-7-225-1.27 8S Halogen free Tape & reel
SD6824S SOP-7-225-1.27 26 Halogen free Tube
SD6824STR SOP-7-225-1.27 26 Halogen free Tape & reel
SD6824D DIP-7-300-2.54 28 Halogen free Tube
SD6827D DIP-7-300-2.54 2D Halogen free Tube
Block Diagram