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About Us
To be one of the best semiconductor device and Integrated Circuits design and manufacturing companies
Since 1997

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of IC chip and the manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics-related products, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (600460) is located in Hangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company was founded in September 1997 and was headquartered in Hangzhou, China. In March 2003, our stock was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the company is the first IC chip design enterprise listed in China. Thanks to the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, Silan has become one of the largest IC design and manufacturing enterprises in China, and many indicators such as technical level, business scale, profitability etc. are among the best in the domestic counterparts.

The IC chip production line belonging to Silan built in the Qiantang New District of Hangzhou currently has an actual monthly output of 220,000 pieces, ranking second in the world in production capacity for chips of 6 inches or less. Meanwhile, with the production line for 8-inch chips being constructed in 2015 and going into operation in 2017, the company has become the first domestic company possessing IDM products and production line for 8-inch chips. In 2018, a special process wafer production line for 12-inch chips and an advanced compound semiconductor device production line were constructed in Xiamen. By the end of 2022, the monthly production capacity of the company's 12-inch chips line has reached 60,000 pieces, and the monthly production capacity of the compound semiconductor device production line has reached 140,000 pieces.

Our technologies and products cover many fields of consumer products, and maintain a leading position in many technical fields, such as green power supply chip technology, MEMS sensor technology, LED lighting and screen display technology, high-voltage smart power module technology, the third-generation power semiconductor device technology, digital audio and video technology etc. Moreover, with rich experience in multiple fields of chip design, we can provide customers with solutions on targeted chip product series and systemic applications.

Our product and R&D investment is mainly focused on the following three fields:

ICs, Power Module(IPM/ PIM), Discrete Devices and kinds of MCU/ IC power semiconductor solutions based on Silan’s own special process of high voltage, high power and high frequency. 
MEMS sensors & Digital audio SoC and speech recognition.
Optoelectronic products, LED chip Manufacturing and packaging (for indoor and outdoor LED display panel as well as LED illumination applications).


Focusing on R&D investment and technology accumulation, Now it has a first-class domestic design and R&D team and a national post-doctoral research station, with design and R&D personnel in IC chips of nearly 500, a R&D team for chip process, packing technology and test technology of more than 3300, doctors and masters in the R&D team of more than 400.

Moreover, the company has successively undertaken several projects such as the National Major Special Projects involved in science and technology, the “863” Plans launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, industrial application of new and high technologies launched by NDRC, and Hangzhou's Major Special Projects involved in science and technology, etc. In addition, the company has been shortlisted for "Top Ten IC Design Enterprises in China", "Top 100 Software Business Revenue Enterprises in China", and "Top Ten IC Design Enterprise Brands in China" for many consecutive years, and won several honorary titles such as "Top Ten Semiconductor Enterprises in China", "May 1st Labor Medal ", "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise", "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product" etc.

IC R&D personnel of nearly 500
R&D team of more than 3300
Doctors and masters of more than 400
Honesty & Endurance & Exploration & Enthusiasm

Adhering to the core concept of " Honesty & Endurance & Exploration & Enthusiasm", relying on the continuously developing electronic information product market, focusing on semiconductors and ICs, Silan firmly grasps the opportunity of structural adjustment of the global IC industry, makes simultaneous design and manufacturing and strengths the investment as well as expanding the industrial base. Therefore, Silan is confident to develop into one of the leading comprehensive semiconductor IC design and manufacturing companies in the near future, and strives to march towards an internationally renowned IC enterprise!