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About Us
Honesty, Endurance, Exploration, Enthusiasm

Silan regards “Honesty, Endurance, Exploration, Enthusiasm” as its core value, and strives to establish a company culture featuring technology and management innovation. At the same time, Silan strives to benefit employees, shareholders and business partners. We balance the short-term and long-term benefits to realize sustained development.

Silan’s mission
Silan’s mission

To be one of the best semiconductor device and Integrated Circuits design and manufacturing companies. With faith of being one of the main & comprehensive IC design & manufacture enterprise, Silan will make all efforts to be the international famous IC company.

Silan's Expectations
Silan's Expectations

For our Customer: Offer attractive, value-added products and services.

For our Staff: Provide individual development and prosperous career opportunities.

For our Shareholder: Maximize return on investment and ensure a bright long term future.

For Society: Create wealth through hard work, and contribute to benefit the community.



The good honesty sets up foundation of the human and enterprise. Advocate treat people, work and society with good faith. Enterprise’s good honesty to society, mutual faith between employee and enterprise are the basis of growth and development. 



There are twists and turns in development, processes in technology improvement, investments in product research & development, time and chance in individual ability display, Silan and all the employee need endurance and more endurance. 



Take advantage of all the advantages and keep pace with the times. Constantly absorb all advanced management, technology and cultural awareness at home and abroad, Silan continuously make active explorations and innovations.



Treat the society, enterprise and employee with great enthusiasm and optimism. Fill the enthusiasm throughout to the life and the work and create a harmonious working atmosphere.