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The SA3846 adopts fixed-frequency current mode control, which improves the system’s line voltage regulation and load response characteristics, as well as simplifies the design of control loop. The SA3846 has built-in precision bandgap adjustable reference power supply, high-frequency oscillator, error amplifier, differential current detection amplifier, undervoltage lockout circuit, and soft startup circuit. It provides 

functions such as automatic symmetry correction for push-pull converter, parallel operation, external shutdown, double pulse suppression, dead time adjustment, etc.

Main feature
  • Automatic feed forward compensation

  • Programmable controllable pulse-by-pulse current limit

  • Automatic symmetry correction for push-pull converter

  • Good load response characteristics

  • Parallel operation supported, applicable to module system

  • Built-in differential current detection amplifier, wide common mode input range

  • Double pulse suppression

  • High current totem pole output, output peak current of 500mA

  • Precision bandgap reference power supply, with accuracy of ±1%

  • Built-in undervoltage lockout circuit

  • Built-in soft startup circuit

  • External shutdown

  • Operating frequency: up to 500kHz

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SA3846DC DIP-16-300-2.54 SA3846DC Halogen free Tube
SA3846SE SOP-16-375-1.27 SA3846SE Halogen free Tube
SA3846SETR SOP-16-375-1.27 SA3846SE Halogen free Tape&Reel
Block Diagram