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SD7528 is a high performance transition-mode power factor correction (PFC) controller.

SD7528 includes a highly linear multiplier, able to reduce AC input current distortion.

The output voltage is controlled by means of a voltage-mode error amplifier and a precise internal voltage reference.

The device features very low consumption with current maximum 15μA before start-up and less than 5.5mA during working.

SD7528 includes a disable function suitable for IC remote ON/OFF.

An effective two-step OVP enables to safely handle over-voltage either occurring at start-up or resulting from load disconnection.

Main feature
  • High-performance linear multiplier

  • Zero current detector

  • Built-in restart timer

  • Integrate digital LEB

  • Precision adjustable overvoltage protection

  • Disable function

  • Low start-up current (15μA)

  • Low quiescent operating current (3.0mA)

  • Available in DIP-8 or SOP-8 package.

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SD7528 DIP-8-300-2.54 SD7528 Halogen free Tube
SD7528S SOP-8-225-1.27 SD7528S Halogen free Tube
SD7528STR SOP-8-225-1.27 SD7528S Halogen free Tape&Reel
Block Diagram


title Types of Size (KB) date Download the latest English version
SD7528 PDF 213 2020-12-09 SD7528 Datasheet