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Inverter refrigerator compressor (High voltage)

The SC32F5632 (64) and SC32F5832 (64) series are high-performance MCUs specially developed for motor control and digital power supply. Using ARM Cortex-M0 core and built-in coproc coprocessor can effectively accelerate the motor vector control operation. The 12-bit precision multi-channel ADC converter and the built-in high-performance operational amplifier can control the current accurately and obtain higher cost performance. UART, SPI and other communication methods can realize the information exchange and real-time information acquisition between MCU and the main control panel, which is very suitable for the development of inverter control system of refrigerator.


Household refrigerators and commercial inverter refrigerators (excluding car refrigerators) have two typical topologies, including:

1.IPM scheme (main power uses IPM products)

IPM 方案.png


2. Discrete scheme (main power adopts IGBT products and supporting HVIC drive module)


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