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PC7L64A is a highly integrated high performance brushless motor controller.The user can realize low cost and high flexibility when designing the motor control system. SPC7L64A is internally integrated with 6-channel NMOS pre-Driver, 2-channel LDO, multi-channel high-speed operational amplifier, multi-channel comparator, high-speed ADC, coprocessor, multiple general timer, UART, SPI and motor control special modules, etc. At the same time, the controller contains Cortex-M0 kernel, embedded 64K byte Flash memory and 6K byte RAM memory, with the highest working frequency up to 64MHZ, so it can meet the application requirements of high-performance brushless motor control system and reduce the system cost. Based on the above characteristics, SPC7L64A is very suitable for the requirements of high integration, excellent performance and low cost of high-speed vacuum cleaner control board.


The typical topologies of high-speed vacuum cleaners based on sensorless vector control is as follows:


Topological classification product category Typical product model Typical package product description
MCU IC MCU IC SPC7L64A QFN-48-7×7×0.75-0.5 Highly integrated high performance blushless motor controller
title Types of Size (KB) date Download the latest Chinese version
SilanPro_User Manual PDF 3072 2020-04-03 SilanPro_User Manual
SilanPro_Precautions for Use PDF 658 2020-04-03 SilanPro_User Manual
SGTP5T60SD1D(F)(S)_Datasheet PDF 425 2020-04-03 SGTP5T60SD1D(F)(S)_Datasheet
SDM06C60FB2_Datasheet PDF 500 2020-04-03 SDM06C60FB2_Datasheet
SDH8322S_ Datasheet PDF 315 2020-04-03 SDH8322S_ Datasheet
SDH2136_Datasheet PDF 414 2020-04-03 SDH2136_Datasheet
SDH2106U_Datasheet PDF 341 2020-04-03 SDH2106U_Datasheet