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Silan launched multiple series of SD682X/SD689X/SD7880

Recently, Silan has successively launched several isolated LED driver chips with high power factor, including single-stage primary control LED driver SD682X and SD689X series, single-stage primary control LED driver circuit SD7880 with PWM/linear dimming function, etc.

These new products all have their own characteristics. SD682X series is an iterative upgrade product of SD68 series LED driver. It should be pointed out that SD68 series products launched by Silan are well received in LED lighting industry and can be regarded as the industry- leading products. Compared with competing products, the products upgraded in this iteration have an overall competitive advantage, and some characteristics of high PFC, high constant current accuracy and conversion efficiency. In addition, it is the first product to remove COMP capacitors, which can effectively prevent moisture and leakage, and can be widely used in LED lighting markets such as down lights, panel lights, track lights etc.

This series of products adopts advanced technology owned by Silan to integrate high-voltage power MOS tubes of 650 V. Compared with external MOS solutions and other package solutions, it has made a great progress in cost, volume and performance. In addition, SD682X series has realized a more detailed power segment according to different packages such as 7W, 9W, 15W, 18W and 24W etc. This series of products adopts fixed TON control to achieve high PF and Silan’s patented closed-loop control technology to improve moisture resistance, eliminating the peripheral compensation components at COMP end. It is worth noting that this series of chips also adopts Silan ‘s patented THD optimization technology to realize THD optimization, so that a very low THD can be obtained in most applications.

At present, this series of chips has been sold in large quantities and has won the favor of the market. The series of products is shown in the following table:


As a package upgrade of SD68, SD689X series is very mature and stable, so it can be directly applied on a large scale. With switch ignition protection technology new EHSOP5 package based on the SD68 chip owned by Silan, this series of products has more excellent heat dissipation performance and all the advantages of the SD68 series. Under the condition of compensation, the full voltage input THD is less than 10%. This series of products is applicable for external power supply products with small size and low-medium power and is shown as below (the series of products will be further improved):


For the isolated diming products of SD7880 series that are mainly used for isolated flyback LED intelligent lighting system, we can provide mature, stable and complete solutions to solve the customers’ worries. This series of products can provide accurate constant current control, critical conduction mode and extremely high efficiency. Moreover, the primary-side control mode is adopted, which can eliminate the optocouplers, secondary feedback control and loop compensation, simplifying the design and reducing the cost of the solutions. This series of products compatible with PWM can analog two dimming methods with a diming depth of 2.5%, the control chips of SD7551 and SD7558A launched by Silan can be used for secondary diming. SD7880 with external MOS has a output power of 60 W.

Thanks to the IDM operating model, Silan has developed not only LED lighting driving circuits, but also related discrete devices. Therefore, we will have more advantages in cost control, selectivity and flexibility of solutions, and resource integration capabilities, which will help to launch more innovative LED lighting products.

LED lighting is one of Silan's core strategic product lines, Silan has been working hard in this field for many years, and making continuous R & D for LED lighting driver chips and solutions. In addition, we have launched a series of independently innovative driver chips, the supporting solutions of which can be widely used in many different fields including LED spotlights, fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, downlights, ceiling lamps, street lamps, car lamps etc., have obtained more than 100 patents, undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal projects, have achieved many research results.