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SDH698XRH is designed for non-isolated LED driving with floating Buck topology, built-in HV power MOSFET and depletion mode MOSFET are available. With this structure, inductor current is sensed and closed-loop is formed with the internal error amplifier for high constant current accuracy and high input/output regulation rate. Also, high PF in full range is available as its own PFC control. Boundary Conduction mode is adopted for decreasing switching loss and improving the conversion efficiency.

SDH698XRH can realize high power factor without any external integral capacitor.

Furthermore, SDH698XRH has a built-in VCC regulator and a high-voltage power supply controller, which is able to supply power to VCC capacitor in a certain VCC range without any peripheral power supply or HV startup circuit, saving the system cost and area.  

SDH698XRH integrates various protections, such as output open circuit protection, output short circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle over current protection, and over temperature protection.

SDH698XRH has ultra low start-up current and operating current, is able to high effectively drive highlight LED in full voltage input range.

Main feature
  • Proprietary constant control method (Patent)

  • High power factor without any external compensation capacitor (Patent)

  • Built-in high-voltage power supply

  • Built-in VCC regulatorw  Built-in HV power MOSFET and depletion mode MOSFET

  • Constant current with high accuracy for LED (<±3%)

  • PF>0.9 in full voltage input range

  • Boundary-Conduction mode

  • LED short circuit protection

  • LED open circuit protection

  • VCC under voltage protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • Over current protection

  • Internal current reduction in high temperature condition

  • Current Foldback Protection

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SDH6981RH SOP-8-225-1.27 19 Halogen free Halogen free
SDH6981RHTR SOP-8-225-1.27 19 Halogen free Halogen free
SDH6982RH SOP-8-225-1.27 29 Halogen free Tube
SDH6982RHTR SOP-8-225-1.27 29 Halogen free Tape&Reel
SDH6983RH SOP-8-225-1.27 6983RH Halogen free Tube
SDH6983RHTR SOP-8-225-1.27 6983RH Halogen free Tape&Reel
SDH6984RH SOP-8-225-1.27 9R Halogen free Tube
SDH6984RHTR SOP-8-225-1.27 9R Halogen free Tape&Reel
Block Diagram