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The SA2703 is high-voltage, high-current darlington driver IC composed of 7 NPN darlington pairs. All units share the emitter in common, and each unit adopts open-collector output. A 2.7KΩ resistor is connected to each darlington pair in serial, which is compatible with TTL and 5V CMOS for data processing without logic buffer. 

Sink current of SA2703 is up to 500mA, when it is off state, the withstand voltage is 50V and the output can runs with high load current, which provides solutions for various interface.   

Main feature
  • Wide operating voltage range

  • 7-ch darlington array

  • High output voltage (up to 50V)

  • High output current (up to 500mA)

  • Able to connect to TTL, CMOS, PMOS directly

  • Clamp diodes for switching inductive loads

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SA2703DC DIP-16-300-2.54 SA2703DC Halogen free Tube
SA2703SC SOP-16-225-1.27 SA2703SC Halogen free Tube
SA2703SCTR SOP-16-225-1.27 SA2703SC Halogen free Tape&reel
Block Diagram