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SDM30N60FA is a 3-phase brushless DC motor driver with high integration and high reliability for low power inverter driving such as air conditioner, low power inverter. It has embedded six low-loss IGBTs and 3-phase half-bridge gate drivers with high voltage.

The under voltage, short circuit and temperature output integrated make the circuit work safely in a wide range. The current of each phase can be detected separately because there is one independent negative DC terminal for each phase.

SDM30N60FA uses high-insulation design, compact package and carries heat easily, which makes it easy to use especially for compact installation applications.

Main feature

Built-in low-loss 600V/30A IGBT;

Built-in high-voltage integrated circuit of gate driver;

Built-in under voltage protection, over current protection and temperature output;

Built-in bootstrap diode with current limiting resistor;

Compatible with 3.3V, 5V MCU interface, active high;

Three independent negative DC terminal for inverter current detection;

Alarm signal: for low-side under voltage, and short circuit protections;

Very low thermal resistance using Al2O3 DBC substrate;

Insulation level: 2500Vrms/min

Block Diagram