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The SD8665QS is a quasi-resonant current mode PWM+PFM controller with built-in high voltage power MOSFET, and external sensing resistor, is applicable to SMPS applications. 

The SD8665QS features multi-mode control., At heavy load condition. it operates in QR mode to reduce switch loss in the high line input voltage, and it operates with fixed frequency (65KHz) in CCM mode in the low line input voltage. At medium load or light load conditions, it works in QR+PFM mode to improve the conversion efficiency. At no load condition, it enters burst mode to reduce the standby power dissipation.

The SD8665QS has frequency jitter function for low EMI. The available peak current compensation function ensures the limit output power consistency even with different AC input voltages. The soft startup reduces the device stress during power-on process.

The SD8665QS integrates comprehensive protections including VCC overvoltage protection, output over-load protection, output overvoltage protection, leading edge blanking, cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, short circuit protection for output diode, AC input voltage undervoltage protection and over temperature protection, etc.

Main feature
  • QR mode for low EMI and low switch loss

  • PFM mode at light load condition for higher conversion efficiency

  • Entering burst mode at no load condition

  • Frequency rising at low voltage and heavy load condition for high limit output power

  • Frequency jitter for low EMI

  • Peak current compensation

  • Soft startup

  • VCC overvoltage protection

  • Output overload protection

  • Leading edge blanking

  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit

  • Output diode short protection

  • Undervoltage protection for AC input voltage

  • Adjustable output overvoltage protection

  • Over temperature protection

Ordering Information
Product Name Package form Marking Hazardous Substance Control Packing Type Remarks
SD8665QS EHSOP-5-325-1.7-3D SD8665QS Halogen free Tube
SD8665QSTR EHSOP-5-325-1.7-3D SD8665QS Halogen free Tape&Reel
Block Diagram

SD8665QS 英文 (9000&3450, PS).png