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Audio Decoder With Interfaces For USB, SD CARD And CD

SC6135B is the cost-effective audio decoder SOC with interfaces for USB, SD card and CD servo, supporting playing audio files stored in storage medium, including USB, SD/MMC card, CD, CDROM and so on; integrated USB supports Host and Device, realizing usb audio; built-in stereo DAC, key ADC, core LDO, PLL, RTC and LCD modules reduces the cost. Abundant API instruction set provided by perfect SDK makes it easy for design by the third party. It can be widely used in various audio play system.

Main feature
  • MCU integrates PLL, with various frequencies available: 32KHz, 500KHz, 1MHz, 2MHz, 4MHz, 8MHz, 12MHz, 16MHz;

  • MCU instruction set compatible with conventional MCS-51 instruction set;  xdata RAM can be extended to 32Kbyte, and instruction space can be extended to 8Mbyte with SPIFLASH, internal secret logic keeps program in SPIFLASH secret;

  • MCU integrates 4-channel 6bit ADC, with wake-up function available;

  • MCU integrates LCD module for driving LCD directly;

  • MCU integrates RTC module, which is powered separately, and perpetual calendar is available, 256byte RAM with protection stores message when the power for main circuit is off.

  • MCU integrates abundant peripheral interfaces: SPI Master, I2C, UART, PWM etc.

  • Integrated CD servo, supporting CD, CDROM, CDROMXA and so on; integrated RAM is used for CD data caching, and the ESP time is 3s in maximum;

  • Integrated SD/MMC controller, supporting memory card according with SD/MMC protocol, capacity: 32MB ~ 32GB;

  • Integrated USB2.0 Full Speed Host/device controller, supporting MSC standard, playing audio file stored in U-disc supporting USB2.0 Full Speed protocol; USB controller supports interrupt, real-time transmission, USB Audio application with USB acoustics, Apple peripheral device available;

  • Integrated audio controller, featuring main audio formats and double decoding;

  • Built-in 18-bit DAC;

  • Integrated I2S interface, supporting audio data output/input. 

Block Diagram