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    The SC7A20 is an acceleration sensor IC, which features abundant functions, low power dissipation, small size, and precision measurement.

    It communicates with MCU through I²C/SPI interface, the acceleration measurement data can be accessed in interrupt mode or inquiry mode. INT1 and INT2 provide many auto-detected interrupt signals which are suitable to many motion detection fields, interrupt source include 6D/4D direction detection interrupt signal, free fall detection interrupt signal, sleep and wake up detection interrupt signal, and single/double click detection interrupt signal. A high-precision calibration module is available within the IC to accurately compensate the senor’s offset error and gain error. It has dynamically user selectable full scales of ±2G/±4G/±8G/±16G and it is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 1Hz to 400Hz.

     A self-test capability allows the user to check the functioning of the sensor in the final application. The available tilt calibration function is able to compensate the tilt caused by SMT or PCB installation, not occupying system resource, system update will not affect sensor parameters.

Main feature
  • Wide supply voltage, 1.71V to 3.6V

  • Independent IOs supply (1.8V) and supply voltage compatible

  • Low power mode consumption down to 2µA

  • ±2G/±4G/±8G/±16G dynamically selectable full-scale

  • I²C/SPI digital output interface

  • 6D/4D orientation detection

  • Free-fall detection

  • Single/double click detection and motion detection

  • Programmable interrupt generator

  • Embedded self test

  • Embedded FIFO

  • 10000g high shock survivability

Ordering Information
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SC7A20 LGA-12-2x2x1.0 / Halogen free Tape & Reel
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